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The Handy

Why You Should Buy The Handy

Best-in-test masturbation.

Built with the highest quality components and rigorously tested for maximum pleasure.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Connectivity Connect the Handy to the Internet and experience mind-blowing video sync.

One size fits all

The TrueGrip sleeve included with your Handy fits comfortably on everyone.

No batteries — no problem

The Handy’s powerful motor connects directly to your power socket.

Couples Play

We are used to female vibrators that can be controlled by partners – whether they’re next to you in bed or half-way across the world but do you own a male masturbator that does that?

Owning a male sex toy that your partner can control while quite literally playing with you, is a a total win. Your partner can choose to give you a handjob herself or control Handy to do it. I mean, seriously,how cool is that?