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Duotone Orgasm Balls - Pink & White

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CalExotics Kegel & Pelvic Exercisers 40% OFF Now!

Maximize your erotic pleasure with the easy-to-use Duotone Orgasm Balls. - These comfortably weighted pleasure balls are designed for vaginal insertion and can be worn throughout the day for extended stimulation and unlimited sensual pleasure. Just slip the balls inside the vagina, and move around to experience instant enjoyable orgasmic sensations. - Duotone Orgasm Balls can also be used to train the pelvic floor. The smooth and discreet exercise balls stimulate the love muscles for intimate toning and training on the move. - These contoured love balls are attached to a strong nylon cord for easy and safe retrieval. After love muscle training and erotic climax, remove the balls by gently pulling on the retrieval cord. - To maximize the pleasure and to heighten sensitivity, always use a quality lube with this toy. Wash with warm soapy water or a toy cleaner spray before and after each use.