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Oxshot - Butt-Nozzle Shower Hose 12 Inch - Black Blue

OXBALLS shockingly superior makes all the gear that makes play more fun, toys that make your sex more intense, more pleasure. OXSHOT-12 butt-nozzel is rubbery silicone that flexes for comfort with just the right flow. Fits most shower hoses. Free rubbery cockring because why not have a big boner while you hose!

Hosing out is a chore...OXSHOT-12 butt-nozzel gets the job done faster, easier and more comfortable. The flexible hose is made of platinum silicone for smother slicker entry--so much better than hard plastic or metal hoze nozzels, and it's got a tapered tip with flared water hole for better flow you can maneuver and direct where you need.

Why the Atomic Jock cockring? why not boner-up while you use the hose... perfect cockring for wet situations- designed to stay put with the inner flattening no-roll design so it stays where you need.

Platinum silicone hose
FlexTPR cockring
Phthalate free
Deeper clean deeper play
Fits all shower hose
Flexy-firm hose you can direct flow

Length: 12" (30 cm)

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