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Pipedream Extreme Fill My Tight Ass

Ultra soft anal masturbators with flesh material that returns to shape

You've always dreamt of going bareback on a firm little ass, so what are you waiting for? Take your new cum dump out the box, grab the lube, grab your cock and pound this fuck hole until you blow a fat load! That's it, glide the warm sleeve up and down your cock and enjoy the welcoming cling of super-soft Fanta Flesh. With its life-like fleshy sphincter and velvety warm insides, it feels just like the real thing"¦ only better!

- TIGHT ; TEXTURED CORE with a uniquely textured love labyrinth, for the most mind-blowing orgasms you ever imagined!
- Includes 3 Silicone Rings that give you an extra-tight squeeze!
- The stretchy cockrings squeeze your cock for the tightest feeling ass ever fucked! Use Pipedream Toy Cleaner for quick and easy cleanup.

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