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Razzels Warming Lubricant - Kissable Cherry - 2.5 Fl. Oz. Bottle

Razzles 3-in-1 Flavored Warming Lubricant is the best flavored warming lubricant on the market. Sugar-free, with no bitter aftertaste. Experience the luscious scents and delicious flavors and as you apply to your partner's body. Lightly blow on the skin to excite and heighten your pleasurable experience. Water-based, latex condom compatible and toy friendly. Flavored Razzles sensual lubricants are proudly formulated with high grade body-safe ingredients and manufactured in the USA.

No bitter aftertaste and sugar-free
Non staining and latex compatible
Made in the USA

INSTRUCTIONS: Apply Razzles 3-in-1 Warming Flavors to the desired area. A warm subtle sensation will be felt with the application. If you blow on it, an increased warming feeling will ignite sexual excitement. Apply the warming flavored lubricant to desired areas. Washes off with soap and water.

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