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Tail Handler - Belt Strap Show Tail - Black

Most pup-tails are a butt plug with a tail-perfect for being a dog at home or with a private group but what if you want to WAG at a bar, parade, event, a puppy pit...

TAIL HANDLER belt-on show tail slides on your belt so you can wag it anywhere you want - anywhere you don't want a buttplug and your butt exposed, or where it's just not good puppy etiquette, anywhere you don't want the random tail-curious tugging or tailplug.

This thing is beefy - every detail is super textured. The stripes are thick solid color bars, the bone detail and lettering is deeply embossed, the grippy "tail-holster" part is super firm so even a hard tug will not pop the silicone tail out - built in a embedded ring using a much firmer grippy rubber so your tail wil stay put ... even in a sling ... even rolling around in a mosh, on a rim-seat, even in a packed dark room full of pups and handlers.

Every pup needs a good handler! WOOF!

The tail when you don't want a plug
Full-size silicone tail, the right look, tons of wag
A strap-on tail you can wear anywhere pups are
Platinum silicone textured tail part
Molded color-saturated rubber tail-holster part

Wash after use in arm soapy water, air dry. Store toys separately.

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