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Workout Ring - Black

This unique silicone training ring features a rounded wing that holds up to three small weights. Each grooved hole supports a 2-ounce removeable steel ball that locks securely into place for any play time activities. Stretchy and comfortable, it’s a simple design that snugly supports and fortifies, with incremental increases up to 6 ounces in total. Submersible in water and easy to clean.

• Silicone weighted training ring
• Three 2-ounce removable weights
• Grooved holes hold weights securely
• Comfortable, stretchy ring
• Made from creamy smooth silicone
• Weights made from steel
• Waterproof and submersible
• Phthalate and latex free

• Height: 3.03" (7.70 cm)
• Depth: 1.39" (3.54 cm)
• Width: 2.06" (5.24 cm)