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Nea 3 Alien Blue

Easter Bunny

NEA 3 is a petite-sized personal massager ideal for partners looking to open new doors of sensuality in their relationship. It features a signature floral design and has ten pleasure settings with varying intensities. Think of it as a multisensory pleasure device, discreet yet powerful, and suitable for solo or couple play.
Don't let the petite and discreet looks of NEA 3 personal massager mislead you, as it comes with 8 powerful vibration settings for mainfold orgasmic sensations. Unleash its potential from the palm of your hand and enter a new era of personal satisfaction.

Creature Cock Dildos are available in five unique styles: the green thick and scaly Radioactive Reptile, the bright red Hell-Hound Canine Penis, the rock-hard silver Gargoyle, the purple veiny space alien Orion Invader, and the silver Tapered Bumpy Beastly.
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