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Penis rings

Penis rings that are made for you, with the exact size for your cock.

Typically, an adjustable cock ring is going to be made out of rubber or silicone, which is what gives them their stretch. Another option, if adjustable-ness is your priority, is to go with a kit that contains different size cock rings, so you can choose one that feels best for you. And while cock rings should be snug, they should never be painful. The second they feel like they're starting to cut off circulation, you should remove them. Penis rings that are too tight can cause a ton of complications, so the best thing to do choose a variety pick so you can find your ideal size before committing to one individual toy.

Pick your favorite adjustable cock ring in our collection now and enjoy!

You will find from vibrating cock rings to disposable cockrings. And you might be wondering on how to use a cock ring or what a cock ring do. Well, to start off cock rings are is a sex toy mostly used by couples because at the same time it makes the men lasts longer, it massages the woman clitoris during the intercourse giving lasting and great pleasure for both!