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Realistic Vibrators

Giving you the buzzing sensation of a traditional vibrator while also satisfying your need for vaginal or anal penetration, a realistic vibrator looks and feels like the real thing, but goes that extra mile.
Ranging in shapes, sizes and colors, the realistic vibrators you’ll find at Stuffgoodies are as unique and varied as real penises. Slightly curved, thick in the shaft, super veiny, plump at the tip—we have all kinds.
And if your idea of a vibrator is a cold and stiff approximation of the real thing, think again! Our realistic vibrators are just the right amount of soft and warm up to your own body heat. Some are even bendable, making for more versatility.
We also have vibrators that rotate or thrust, and our textured vibrators feature bumps and nubs for added sensation. Remote control models allow for easy manipulation of your vibrator, while our waterproof models can handle getting wet when you take them into the shower or tub.

Once you’ve selected the realistic vibrator perfect for you, don’t forget to add batteries to complete your order.