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Exotic Dildos - Creature Cocks

Holy moly, yeah, I said it. These creature cocks are flying off the shelves like crazy, and of course, there is good reason for it.

Each of Creature Cocks’ fascinating phalluses is created of non-porous, body-safe platinum silicone that is durable and easy to care for. Their large bases can be secured in a harness or suctioned onto a smooth flat surface to facilitate hands-free use that brings users’ wildest desires to life — whether they want to be probed by an extraterrestrial or experience new depths of pleasure with a sea monster.

These Exotic Dildos are available in five unique styles: the green thick and scaly Radioactive Reptile, the bright red Hell-Hound Canine Penis, the rock-hard silver Gargoyle, the purple veiny space alien Orion Invader, and the silver Tapered Bumpy Beastly.

“Fantasy shapes are hugely popular among sex toy enthusiasts and sci-fi fans alike,” XR Brands President Rebecca Weinberg said. “We’re so excited about Creature Cocks, and our customers are, too. It is such a unique line, like nothing we have ever made. The artistry and attention to deal that goes into each of these dildos are unparalleled, and the unique metallic look is sure to catch shoppers’ eyes. Whether for pleasure use or as a novelty purchase, we think shoppers will be drawn to Creature Cocks.”

Creature Cocks dildos each come in sturdy, brightly coloured boxes adorned with the image of the product as well as close-ups of its features. Creature Cocks packaging is suitable for shelves or displays.

And if you are a content creator, for gag gifts for example, why not amaze your current fans and new ones, by reviewing one of those?

The feedback we are getting from customers is fabulous, and this unexpected success from XR brands is cool. We have sold creature cocks worldwide, and it just continues to sell hardcore. If you are interested, check out creature cocks here.

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