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Cheeky X-5 Beads

The Cheeky X-5 Beads is one probe that knows just how to make you shake. The playful anal probe makes it easy to get naughty with the gradually BEADED shaft, flexible silicone design, and easy pull handle base. The petite plug has a sturdy pull handle base for comfortable insertion, thrilling stimulation and safe, gentle removal. Perfect for beginners and erotic experts alike, the tapered shaft increases in girth for intensifying pleasure.

Beaded for pure pleasure
Pliable and durable
Easy pull handle
Waterproof and phthalate free
X-5 beads

Beads: 3.25" X 1" (8.25 cm X 2.5 cm)
Overall: 4.25" X 2.5" (10.75 cm X 6.25 cm) Wash before and after each use.