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Sola Starter Kit Display

Sola Starter Kit Includes:

SL-02102 Sola Cue (4pcs. + 1 tester)
SL-03101 Sola Sync (4pcs. + 1 tester)
SL-04100 Sola Jett (4pcs. + 1 tester)
SL-07100 Sola Hop (4pcs. + 1 tester)
SL-05201 Sola Pip (4pcs. + 1 tester)
SL-08101 Sola Egg Wellness Set (3pcs)
SL-09100 Sola Egg Passion Set (3pcs)
SL-99989-b Sola Egg Tester
PT-99930-12 Security Cables (4pcs)
SL-99991-d Acrylic Stand for Sola Cue, Jett, & Hop testers
SL-99987-d Acrylic Stand for Sola Sync tester
SL-99998-d Acrylic Stand for Sola Pip tester
USB Charging Cable with one pin
USB Charging Cable with 2 pins
USB Charging cable with 3 magnetic ports

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